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Microsoft Will Soon Patch 64 Vulnerabilities

Microsoft has announced today that it will patch a whopping 64 vulnerabilities in Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, Windows graphics framework, and other software next week. Microsoft also referred to 17 updates as bulletins that will ship next Tuesday with the 64 patches. 9 out of those 17 updates will be rated “critical” with the remaining eight marked as “important.” Microsoft also said that it will close a pair of current outstanding issues that have already resulted in security advisories, including a vulnerability in Windows’ MHTML (MIME HTML) protocol handler.

The patches that are soon to come will also address a flaw in Windows Server Message Block network and file-sharing protocol that was disclosed in February on the Full Disclosure security mailing list. The security vulnerabilities in Office, Internet Explorer, and Visual Studio will also be addressed. Although they haven’t specified what the current security gaps are, it is probably for the best they keep that information secret, so people do not exploit the leak further. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer date will be at the top of the list to be fixed, which also seems like a wise move considering how treacherous the Internet can be. The updates will be released around 1PM Eastern Time on April 12th. See the video below to learn more about security tips and tricks with Windows.

Photo Courtesy of Comedy_Nose
Photo Courtesy of Six Steps