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Official Android LinkedIn App Has Launched!

If you’ve used the LinkedIn beta app for Android prior to today you’ll remember having to enable “Unknown Services” in the user interface as well as joining the group on LinkedIn for Android Users and awaiting special instructions to install the beta application on your phone. Finally, the official LinkedIn Android application can be downloaded in the Market for all Android phones running OS 2.1 Eclair or later. The new version is basically the same the beta application that was released in December. Members can browse for LinkedIn updates of their contacts and comment, reply, or “like” an update. They can also browse their connections, respond to LinkedIn invites, and search through contacts to find a specific individual.

What’s new about this official release of LinkedIn is that users have the ability to Reconnect (seeing people you know or might be interested in connecting with) and see private messages that are sent or received. Thankfully, the new app is also faster and more stable than the original. Finally I must admit that the black interface is easy on the eyes and this is an app that is simple enough for anybody to use. I highly recommend downloading it, and you know, you can always use it on your desktop too! Check out the video below to learn more about LinkedIn.

Photo Courtesy of Jerry Luk
Photo Courtesy of Coletivo Mambembe