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The Ultimate Spy For Your Device

For Jailbroken devices, iKeyGuard is the only key logger available to individuals looking to log any forgotten details, assuming they are using the keylogger on their own device. What’s a little worrisome however is that if you were to install the program on someone else’s device, the application is invisible, which seems a bit like an invasion of privacy. After you download it from Cydia, the only way you can access the application is through a local web portal.

Although the free version only records bits and pieces from each app, the full version records every keystroke in almost every app. To get the keylogger, you simply search Cydia through the BigBoss repository. Once the installation has completed, the user is recommended to restart the iPhone. The user is then instructed to point safari to local host: 4444. This iPhone keylogger takes up little RAM and sits in the background of your device, not causing the app to slow down any of your other software. The program allows the individual to set up a password on the key logs and allow the software to send emails at specific intervals, which would be perfect for spying, or perfect for an overprotective parent! Check out the video below to learn how to make your own keylogger, for free.

Photo Courtesy of Robbert Van Der Steeg
Photo Courtesy of NMinto