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Apple Refuses To Ship iPads To BestBuy?

According to CultofMac, Best Buy has not been releasing their entire shipment of iPads once they have been reaching their sales quotas for the day. This made Apple very angry because the company’s goal is to get everyone an iPad before they either change their mind and get a Motorola Xoom or fall “victim” to a competitor by purchasing one of their tablets. Best Buy has internal quotas that are set for iPad 2 sales, but the quotas do not take in the actual number of iPad 2 sales in the stores.

What Best Buy does is hold back any “extra” iPad devices once they have reached their sales quota, and keep them to reach the next day’s quota. This has enraged Apple upon discovery of the sales tactic and has caused Apple to blacklist Best Buy, even if temporarily. Apple is refusing to ship Best Buy any more iPad 2s until they change their ways of business.

Although this may seem like a drastic measure, I am not sure it will last very long given how much revenue Best Buy brings for Apple. Maybe similar companies can learn a lesson from this situation. Let me ask you this, would you wait for an iPad 2 if you really wanted a tablet PC or would you check out the other brands and maybe try something new? Let us know your thoughts!

Photo Courtesy of Kerosene Photography
Photo Courtesy of InusePictures