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IBM To Soon Release Websphere 8

IBM has recently announced plans to release its next version of the company’s Java application server, Websphere 8 on June 17th, according to IBM documents. On April 5th, IBM made a software announcement that said the application server will be available through electronic delivery by June 17th, with media packs to be issued by July 22nd. This is exciting news given that Websphere 8 Beta was released last year. The first edition of the software will finally offer full support for Java EE 6 as well as being the first version to run on IBM’s installation manager.

Although many changes have been made for the first version, it is overall not too different from the beta version. A drag-and-drop feature allows a Java app to be placed in a live folder that would make the application instantly operational, which was designed to make testing easier for developers.

An IBM spokesperson declared that the announcement was genuine but oddly enough failed to confirm the June 17th release date. To me, confirming an announcement that contained a release date is the same as confirming the release date, but go figure! IBM plans to hold its conference for the company’s middleware, called Impact, where IBM execs will reveal more about the upcoming Websphere release. See the video to learn more about how to trace WebSphere 8 applications with Xtrace in Rational Application Developer 8.

Photo Courtesy of YuakKuei
Photo Courtesy of Peter Anghelides