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Time Warner Cable And Viacom Sue Each Other Over iPad Streaming?

Time Warner Cable and Viacom have filed lawsuits against each other over an iPad application that lets users stream live TV. Both companies have asked a New York judge to decide whether Time Warner is able to distribute channels on its cable network through the Apple tablet, instead of a television, without negotiating extra deals with cable networks. Time Warner pulled 11 channels from the application after complaints from parent companies. The channels that were removed include MTV, VH, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central, as well as some News Corp channels. The companies claim that porting TV to a tablet is a violation of their programming contracts and are seeking to negotiate new contracts with Time Warner to stream shows for mobile devices.

Viacom has not taken this matter lightly and argues that Time Warner owes them additional money for substantial and irreparable injury to business caused by the app, which Time Warner says has been downloaded over 360,000 times. On the other side of the debate, Time Warner argues that it shouldn’t make much of a difference what device is being broadcast to, and customers should have the freedom of choice. To me, it sounds like Viacom may trying to be fishing for some extra dollars, and Time Warner may have a hidden agenda to gain a larger fan base amongst consumers, but these are just my thoughts.

Another key player in television, Cablevision has recently launched its own application for the iPad device as well for streaming television. The app offers 300 channels and allows for up to three iPads to be used on the same account. Hopefully this dispute between TWC and Viacom gets settled so viewers can watch their favorite programs again, however they want! Check out a news bit of the story, followed by a commercial from Viacom bashing Time Warner Cable.

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