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Apple Dominates 60% Of Touchscreen Supply

There have been many analysts that foresaw supply issues for Apple’s iPad 2 following Japan’s massive earthquake. To minimize the impact of shortages, Cupertino has been reported to aggressively secure components from overseas suppliers.

An analyst of of Ticonderoga Securities, Brian White has said that Apple executives have contacted suppliers immediately after the Japanese quake and offered upfront cash payments to ensure an adequate supply. Perhaps this was the money-making blunder that caused Steve Jobs to release a statement expressing sorrow towards the Japanese a few days later. If this is indeed true, I think it’s a large statement about CEO Steve Jobs’ main concern about the terrible tragedy of Japan’s 9.0 earthquake. If the first thing that comes to his head is “what about my Apple supply?” then perhaps he should have his heart checked.

In any case, another analyst from ThinkEquity, Rajesh Ghao wrote that Apple had secured “approximately 60% of the total available touch panel capacity.” Similarly, DigiTimes reported that Apple’s control of the touchscreen market will cause Research In Motion’s Blackberry playbook tablet to be delayed one month, giving the iPad 2 an early start. Fortunately for Apple, their main manufacturing source, Hon Hai doesn’t anticipate seeing any shortages.

Photo Courtesy of MEEDANphotos
Photo Courtesy of Acaben