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Windows XP Is No Longer In The Lead

Thanks to StatCounter, the latest results of the desktop operating system market share for April 2011, shows a switch from the once dominant Windows XP. It looks like businesses are finally making the transition to Windows 7. Windows 7 now sweeps a 31.75% market share of desktops in the United States, with Windows XP dropping to 31.56%. Although this is such a slim defeat for Windows 7, it does show that XP may have finally “live its life” in the operating system realm and that users are ready to move on with their software. Coming in third is Windows Vista at 19.07% and Mac OS X following a distant fourth with 14.87%. Linux takes only .70% of the market share with other operating systems taking 2.09%.

I am supposing that the “other” constitutes most of Windows 2000 professional, which in my opinion, is an excellent operating system for wired-in desktop computers. I was hoping that Microsoft would spend more time stabilizing Windows 7 with service packs rather than being focused on the upcoming Windows 8. At this point it kind of seems like Microsoft is being a factory farm for operating systems, just looking to recycle their OS in attempts of not looking bad in Apple commercials. What I care most about in an operating system is stability and reliability. I will admit that new operating systems are “cool”, but I don’t seem them as necessary by any means. Besides, if we want to mess around with new operating systems, why not just play around with Linux?

Photo Courtesy of Chris Fritz
Photo Courtesy of Adrian Nier