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Acer Iconia Tab W500 Coming Soon!

Acer’s new Iconia Tab W500 is looking better than ever. The tablet will run on a 10-inch display with Windows 7 OS and an AMD cpu with Radeon HD graphics. The tablet will also come with a keyboard docking station for your “laptop needs.” The W500 has already entered a pre-order phase in Germany in March and is supposed to ship on April 15th in the United States. The tablet is expected to retail for $550. Although this tablet does look nice, I am not sure that it will work optimally with Windows 7.

I am a firm believer that Windows operating systems should be used with more powerful machines and feel that a lighter weight Android operating system is much better suited for tablets. In any case, this tablet will feature your HDMI output, a standard dual camera, and 32GB of on-board storage. The W500 model is supposed to have a battery life of six hours with use, which seems a bit low given the knowledge that many of these manufacturers usually double the actual battery life. Does a Windows 7 tablet sound good to you or would you rather have an Android device? Which do you think would be better for heavy use? Check out the video for a preview of this tablet.

Photo Courtesy of TechPinger
Photo Courtesy of BilalsHardware