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Cloud Video Startup Zixi Raises $4 Million

According to Venture Beat, a cloud video startup named Zixi has raised $4 million in a round of funding for its web video broadcasting business. The Waltham, Mass.-based company will use these funds to build a global team to deliver high-definition video via cloud, or through web-connected data centers. Zixi plans to focus on delivering cloud video of the highest quality, security, and of course, the company seeks to make a return on investment.

Investors in that round included Schooner Capital, along with Sidney Topol (former CEO of Scientific Atlanta), Maurice Shonfeld (former CEO of CNN). Zixi’s CEO, Israel Drori said the company will “offer high-quality video over the Internet for broadcast, enterprise and video-on-demand services.” Customers that might be interested in the service could be those that operate networks, video-on-demand services, web broadcasts, and device makers.

The beauty of Zixi is that it could be used to broadcast video such as current streaming solutions, Netflix, to a tablet computer or smartphone without any lag. Zixi is unique in that it will minimize startup delay through bandwidth efficiencies, and eliminate buffering within the first few seconds to launch video without losing quality. Using Zixi, companies can telecast high-definition video for conferences to multiple locations around the world in real time without a heavy burden of cost. The company was founded in 2006 and currently has 11 employees. Check out the video below to see a Zixi demo.

Photo Courtesy of James Cridland
Photo Courtesy of Lennysan