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Intel Challenges ARM On Mobile Chips; New Atom Z670

Intel is challenging its rival, ARM with the launch of new Intel Atom chips designed for tablets. If you’re unfamiliar with Atom chips, they are a common installation for netbook computers because they require little power. The new Intel Atom Z670 processor, codenamed Oak Trail will arrive in 35 tablet computers and other mobile devices later this year, said the GM of Intel Martketing, Bill Kircos. Although it will be new territory for Intel to design chips optimized for tablets and smartphones, I feel that they are a worthy opponent to ARM, who already has extensive experience in the mobile chip making business. Now, ARM do not make chips themselves, they just create a general blueprint for other manufacturers to follow, such as Nvidia and Broadcom.

The Oak Trail chips will be 60% smaller than the previous generation of Atom and will be processed with 45-nanometer manufacturing. Intel will make the Cedar Trail chips with 32-nm technology. Smaller chips require less power. In 2013, Intel is expected to launch an astounding 22-nm chip. This will cause a large headache for ARM who will have to spend billions of dollars to “catch up” by building new computer chip factories.

Intel’s Atom Z670 is a single-core chip that runs at 1.5GHz. Most new tablets with this chip will be able to run a full day on a single charge. The Cedar Trail chips will have better media, graphics, power consumption, and host features such as Intel’s Wireless Music, Intel Wireless Display, PC Synch, and Fast Boot. The new chip will be unveiled in Beijing and will give consumers a choice of operating systems. The chip will run with Google Chrome, Android, MeeGo, and Windows. With this new technology, users can expect faster video playback, web browsing, and a much longer battery life. Along with the ability to play 1080p video, it will support HDMI and Adobe Flash.

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