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Key Players From Nintendo And Activision Join Apple

Although there are many games currently available for the iPhone, iPod and iPad, Apple sought to take its gaming to a new level by hiring executives from Nintendo and Activision. According to an MCV report, Nintendo UK’s former head of PR, Rob Saunders and Nick Grange, former PR director for Activision Europe left their respective companies to come work for the Big Apple.

This is a big move for both employees, especially Saunders who had worked for Nintendo for seven years before the deep migration. Both figures were involved profoundly with the launches of the Nintendo Wii and the DS. Grange, who worked for both EA and Microsoft was brought on board of Apple to focus on iPad hardware rather than software for iOS gaming. Assuming the report is accurate, this may make competition a bit rougher for Nintendo and Sony.

Nintendo had previously described Apple as an enemy, and even though they do have 3D technology without glasses, it is just much more affordable in this economy to game on an Apple mobile device than to buy a console and multiple games. My opinion is that with the level of graphics and simplicity many of Nintendo games offer, one might as well play on a portable device and save hundreds of dollars in the long term. I don’t think Sony will be in too much trouble just because the company, along with Microsoft’s Xbox has much better graphics for what I call, “real gaming.”

Photo Courtesy of Chi Nguyen
Photo Courtesy of Weirdo513