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M-Pad: The Next Gen Tablet

The M-Pad was designed by German developer Volker Hübner and was built to meet the needs for professional designers and developers. The M-pad has a number of features that makes it distinct in its class of tablets. The device features an intuitive multitouch display, with a pressure sensitive stylus. The unit carries multiple “fixed” buttons and boasts a 15.6-inch OLED display. The M-Pad has a surprising nine fixed buttons at one end of the front panel. The purpose of this design is to allow users to control the touchscreen with the right hand while using the left hand for “keyboard input.” What I mean by keyboard input is of course, standard key functions; Alt, Ctrl, Escape, Space, Shift, etc.

The device can be programmed with up to 24 short-cuts making it a personalized powerhouse for the seasoned professional. If tablet PCs were ever to overtake traditional computers, the M-pad would be the first to do so. The device carries USB, Ethernet, and Firewire ports and offers the option to dock with external keyboards. With these added features, designers and professionals are offered mobility with expansion. Consumers will be able to take their work wherever they go, or detach any extras when working in a confined space, such as when one flies Economy. If the M-Pad works as well as it looks, we may see other companies follow a similar path and we may be witnessing the future of the next generation tablet PC.

Photo Courtesy of GadgetRoad
Photo Courtesy of Pocket-Lint.com