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Microsoft Windows App Store Screenshot- LEAKED!

Microsoft’s Windows App store has been leaked for the first time today. The screenshot shows the new app store for Windows running within Windows 7, which may mean that they will release a beta for Windows 7. The screenshot (pictured below) was originally posted by Cnbeta and have not yet been confirmed real by WinRumors. The application displays a lot of Microsoft software along with some third party software. This screenshot confirms the statement by Microsoft about their new app store for Windows 8.

Another interesting tid bit is that Microsoft recently filed an objection to Apple’s use of the term “App Store”, saying that the term is too generic. Being that Microsoft doesn’t seem to be a company that is well grounded in ethics, we can safely assume that they are looking to reserve the name for themselves, or at least find a common ground with Apple’s app store.

I am a bit curious of why Microsoft is being so quiet about Windows 8, perhaps they are trying to avoid people getting a “bad taste” for the software before it is even released. In either case, these leaked photos make it obvious that they are working on the next operating system, so they might as well give us some reliable information about it, at least in my opinion! The current build in circulation is 7971.0.110324-1900 and is by invitation only to “Windows 8 and Server vNext Pre-Release Program.” Check out the video below to see some more screenshots of Windows 8.

Photo Courtesy of mynetx
Photo Courtesy of foskarulla