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Sony Caves In To Geohot & Co.

After the long man hunt of PS3 Hacker George Hotz, followed by the requests of Anonymous to stop the man hunt, both parties have announced today that they will settle the lawsuit out of court. George Hotz, the hacker who published a key and a tool to jailbreak the PlayStation3 will be forbidden to publish the code but will not have to acknowledge any “wrongdoing of any kind.” Sony will drop all charges, and will no longer target him nor his website.

It seems to me that Sony placed the value of its employees as number one after an anonymous hacking group stated that they would target Sony employees. While this may be good for Sony’s employees, I am not sure this move is perceived as weak by many, and I believe this demonstrates that you can push Sony’s buttons and get away with it. What will happen next time Sony is targeted? Will they meet those demands too?

A large company such as Sony should stand its ground in whatever original charges or beliefs they have. On the same note, Sony is still pursuing other jailbreaking advocates who have posted videos on YouTube. This tells me one thing, that Sony only dropped the case against George Hotz because of threats received from the anonymous hacking group. Despite the obvious, both parties deny that the settlement had anything to do with the denial of service attacks that occurred the previous week. But really, the timing is FAR too perfect to be a coincidence. The last thing you ever want is a hacker to think he/she has the upper hand.

Photo Courtesy of ITD
Photo Courtesy of Yosh18
Photo Courtesy of Arrakeen