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UK eCrime Unit Arrest Men in “SpyEye” Plot

United Kingdom police arrested three men late last week who were tied with the SpyEye malware program that steals banking details. Two of the three men were charged on Friday and appeared in Westminster Magistrates Court in London on Saturday. Of the two, 26 year-old Paul Cyganoc, a Lithuanian living in Birmingham, England was charged with “conspiracy to cause unauthorized modifications to computers, conspiracy to defraud and concealing proceeds from crime.”

The other man, Aldis Krummins was a 45 year-old Latvian living on Goole, England and was charged only with conspiracy to defraud and concealing proceeds of crime. The third man was also 26 years old and whose nationality was not disclosed. He was released by police on bail but is required to return for additional questioning.

The three were arrested by UK’s Police Central e-Crime Unit “in connection with an international investigation into a group suspected of utilizing malware to infect personal computers and retrieve private banking details.” The investigation began in January for SpyEye malware, a program that collects personal banking details and sends the credentials to a remote server controlled by hackers. The e-Crime unit of course seized the hackers’ computer equipment and data during the investigation. I am sure that there are other variants of the copy that are still in use, but this is still a good capture for the United Kingdom. Check out the video below to watch the power of SpyEye taking down the gold standard in malware, Zeus.

Photo Courtesy of MacForensicsLab
Photo Courtesy of Silicon