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Next Generation Television Watches Your Every Move

Intel demonstrated a focused on camera that recognizes both facial and gesture input at Intel Developer Forum, Beijing 2011. The demo begun by showing an avatar being controlled by having the camera map on the user’s face. This mapping allowed the user to control the avatar’s head movements as well as the facial features, enabling the avatar to laugh, smile, frown, or look confused.

The gesture recognition allows users to control and navigate the user interface with the wave of a hand. This hand waving allows photos to move from right to left, zoom in and out and rotate pictures in clockwise or counterclockwise directions. The next demonstration showed how the software uses facial recognition to determine how many males and females are present in the room, their age, and their emotion (happy or sad). The application uses this information to determine relevant advertisements to display. Although this should allow for better marketing, users may have a problem with such information being shared, especially with the recent talks of introducing a bill blocking data sharing.

The final demonstration at the IDF showed how a TV can identify a user personally, and then suggest shows based on the user’s viewing habits. The technology continues to monitor your emotions to “determine” whether you are enjoying the program or not, and even take note if you glance away from the screen. The program then rates your engagement level with the program and uses that information to suggest future shows. Check out the video to see some of the facial and gesture recognition Intel has to offer.

Photo Courtesy of Heanster
Photo Courtesy of Leo Prieto