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HP Steps Up Game In Cloud Computing

Hewlett-Packard has recently been working hard on it’s cost savings, cloud computing, and complex software in hopes to be a better opponent to IBM. HP has recently announced an initiative to get customers “onto” big data center computing through a series of products and services designed to speed up and make corporate software apps more flexible.

HP’s VP of Sales, Tom Hogan notes that there is a large market for the initiative and estimates it to be $75 billion in system integration, upgrading, and modernizing applications. Although HP has 60,000 app specialists, 10,000 of those are in mainframe and 7,000 in Java, in addition to 10,000 Microsoft certified people. HP believes the new initiative to be a large task at hand but feel that it must try if it has any chance of success. HP also notes that “average consumers” are feeling more comfortable with cloud computing. The applications will work by assessing, modernizing, and managing apps to analyze different software within the same portfolio, decide what to keep, “change or retire.”

Similar software works to transform apps by minimizing risks such as compliance or dependence on the software by a department, then putting it in a cloud environment, without ties to a specific server. After, there is a security check to look for any security breaches in real time. VP Hogan admits that a large part of this transformation is due in part to educating customers on how to use the product and claims “two-thirds of innovation resides with technology in the enterprise – this is a big deal for customers, and for HP.” Here is a video of Intel’s cloud computing and offers some ideas on what HP may need to work on in order to be a successful competitor.

Photo Courtesy of Gerard Stolk
Photo Courtesy of Louis Volant
Photo Courtesy of Traffik[US]