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Lenovo Launches Secure Cloud Access

Joining the cloud movement came Lenovo with it’s new “client to cloud” strategy, a service that allows users to couple their computers with cloud computing. Lenovo stated that all ThinkPad laptops and ThinkCentre desktops powered by Intel’s latest chips are available. Lenovo will be working with Intel using APIs (Application Programming Interface) to connect hardware to cloud apps.

The company will also have a service called Secure Cloud Access (SCA) that will use Stoneware’s webNetwork, improving cloud-app and device interaction. Lenovo plans to use SCA to give users better access to web or windows applications on any device with a standard browser. The Secure Cloud Access will provide the same Windows interface but will contain a few tweaks in security and performance, allowing for better use of memory, graphics, and bandwidth.

SCA will be the first application for Lenovo’s Cloud Ready Clients. Lenovo plans to connects its devices with cloud data center overhauls and expects SCA to run on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. SCA will be available in North America and will cost $80 per user for businesses. It seems that while companies are focusing on tablets in the hardware field, cloud computing is the new top initiative to meet software demands. It is interesting to ponder whether there is an influence between one another, it seems that if a relationship were to be drawn it would involve the concept of having “better access.” The video below describes the uses of Lenovo’s cloud computing for sales and marketing initiatives.

Photo Courtesy of Louis Volant
Photo Courtesy of Mag3737