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Microsoft Unveils Internet Explorer 10 (Video Included!)

Microsoft unveiled their first Platform Preview for Internet Explorer 10. The new version focuses on boosting CSS3 feature support. The new version will support gradients, grid, and multi-column layouts with the ability to run in a “strict” mode. Microsoft promised to show future preview versions that will support CSS3’s 3D transforms and transitions.

With Internet Explorer 10 just three weeks into development, we cannot view a complete interface yet but we are likely to see fast releases of preview version before it comes out in beta, and obviously before it ships. Although Microsoft hasn’t yet given a final release date, it may come sooner than we expect. Microsoft may be using IE10 as a cover up for IE9. It seems that whenever a Microsoft product isn’t doing too well, they just work on the next version rather than fixing the current one. We’ve seen this with Vista and the quick push of the Windows 7 cover up. It is illogical to me to begin working on the next version immediately after releasing the first, but maybe that is my old school way of thinking.

Microsoft explained that although frequent updates are important for developing standards, their current technology is limited to platforms that work well across browsers. New technologies such as Websockets, were not able to be deployed on a large scale, at least not yet. Although computer requirements have not yet been stated, IE10 is likely to require Windows Vista and 7, similar to IE9. Take a look at the videos below for a peak!

Photo Courtesy of Laughing Squid