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Toshiba Rolls Out Portege And Tecra Professional Notebooks

Toshiba is rolling out three new professional notebooks with Intel’s 2011 Core (Sandy Bridge) processors. The first out of the bunch is the Portege R830. This notebook gives users the option of an i3, i5, or i7 processor, faster Intel graphics, and USB 3.0 support with the option of Bluetooth 3.0. The R830 has a 13-inch display and is one inch thick.

For $889 you get a speedy 2.1GHz core i3, 4GB of memory, a 640GB hard drive, and an ultra-thin internal DVD burner. If you’re looking for a higher end ultraportable, you can opt for a 2.7GHz Core i7 and a 128GB solid-state drive for $1,650. Yes, this is certainly not your budget computer and is targeted towards business professionals.

Next in line is the 14-inch Tecra R840 followed by the 15.6-inch R850. Both laptops are thinner and lighter than previous models and the R840 boasts an 11 hour battery life when couple with a solid-state drive. Both models will be priced at around $900 and include a 2.1GHz Core i3, 3GB of RAM, and a 320GB hard disk drive. Users can splurge on upgrades and max their setup to a 2.7GHz, Core i3, 4GB of RAM, and dedicated AMD Radeon HD 6450M graphics card. You can purchase all three notebooks today. Take a look at the video for a closer look at the R830 and gain some knowledge on their build quality!

Photo Courtesy of MacNN
Photo Courtesy of DigitPedia