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Adobe TV Available For All Mobile Devices

Adobe announced on Monday that they will be launching a mobile version of Adobe TV. The video service will let you watch Adobe’s training videos on your portable device, be it a tablet or smartphone. The utility is web-based and is accessible via iPads, iPhones, Android handsets, and Android tablet owners. In order to see the videos, users will have to go to tv.adobe.com and be ready to watch optimized Adobe video on your portable gadget.

Adobe designed the videos to support Flash-enabled Android devices as well as non-Flash iOS devices. The company has addressed this issue in a brief statement that it is not alienating any one user depending on the make of their equipment. Although Adobe would enjoy seeing Apple adopt Flash technology for the iOS, the company is obviously not holding any ill feelings towards Apple, which I think says a lot about Adobe and what they are all about.

From Adobe’s blog: We added iPad/iPhone support because our customers asked for it. It’s that simple. There’s no subtext related to Flash, which we continue to use to deliver our content onto Flash-supported devices. We believe in delivering our content to all platforms and devices that are meaningful to our audience. We also believe in using our own tools, the best authoring tools on the planet, to create cross-platform, cross-device experiences. See some of Adobe’s spirit in the video below!

Photo Courtesy of VentureBeat