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AMD Will Support USB 3.0!

Although USB 3.0 can be found on many computers and notebooks today, they are all supported by third party controllers because neither Intel nor AMD currently offer support for USB 3.0 in their chipsets. Thankfully AMD has found it’s niche, even if temporarily, because the company will now offer USB 3.0 support for their chipsets.

AMD will be working on USB3.0 support for the upcoming A75 and A70M Fusion chipsets. Phil Hughes from AMD told CNET that the chipsets are shipping today. We can expect that computers and notebooks with AMD power and USB 3.0 will be hitting shelves by next month at the latest. This of course will give Intel something to sweat about as they catch up to AMD, an event that does not happen very often. USB 3.0 ports should be much more common once Intel and AMD offer native support within their chipsets.

Of course, USB 3.0 is backwards compatible, so even if the ports are USB 3.0, you will still be able to use USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 wires. Intel still says that they will offer USB 3.0 in the future but has not yet given an estimated time arrival. I find it amusing how tech companies seem to have catch up with technology, this is testament to how fast we are moving in the tech world!

Photo Courtesy of Samat Jain
Photo Courtesy of Clive Darr