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Introducing The Apple iPod, Without Wires?

According to CultofMac, Apple is working on a way to synchronize iPods and iTunes wirelessly. Steve Jobs is working hard to ensure that the next generation of Apple products will be wireless, at least for the iPod. Instead of importing music, movies, and apps manually through wires, the iPods will auto-sync with your iTunes whenever it is connected to your WiFi network. I will admit this is cool only because it makes iPods easier to use, especially for people who aren’t as computer friend as others.

I will have to say though, I am not a fan of our technology controlling us. I think technology is great, but I don’t like it being modified (auto-updated) without my permission. I like being the one who makes the decision, okay, it’s time for a sync! Fortunately, Apple’s biggest problem with making an iPod with wireless sync is that it would put an incredible strain on the battery. I am not sure how they could get around that since the iPod would need some sort of sensor to sync-wirelessly.

Apple may try to find middle ground in having the user push a button that auto-syncs through the air. Speaking of wireless-ness, Apple has been working on improving the performance of AirPlay, a feature that lets users stream music to different stereo systems. Both Airport Express and Apple TV serve as hubs for streaming iTunes to multiple stereos. Some guess that Wi-Fi Sync might make it to shelves sooner than we think, maybe even in the late summer.

Photo Courtesy of PsykoManaiaque
Photo courtesy of yukogets