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Lenovo Will Bring 23-Inch Tablet To Life

While we’ve certainly covered a number of tablets, this one sure leaves an impression in one’s mind. While I have never heard of a tablet under 11 inches, you always hear that there is a first time for everything. Senior Specialist in Marketing, William Cai, says that Lenovo will launch a 23-inch tablet (pictured below) due by the end of 2011.

He admits the obvious, that the tablet won’t be as portable as your typical tablet but in so many words states that it is “portable enough.” As a geek, I see many uses of a 23-inch tablet. One of which is being able to setup a mini-theater for you and 3-4 of your friends. I would love to be able to tote a 23-inch display around that carries all my data, imagine what it would be like to watch movies/Hulu.

What about gaming on a screen that big? Wouldn’t your arms get sore from rotating the screen for action games like SpeedX 3D or Teeter? To me it seems like there would be endless possibilities with a larger screen. I assume with a larger screen, there would be added power, but even without it I am sure being able to see media in life-like form (well, close enough) is plenty to get excited about.

Photo Courtesy of Masatsu
Photo Courtesy of Tricia Wang
Photo Courtesy of Geek.com