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Lifebook X2 Concept By Fujitsu

Fujitsu is introducing the Lifebook X2 Concept to us, an extremely portable and very slender laptop. Upon opening the Lifebook, the user will see an ultra widescreen display palm-based device. When the device is fully opened you have yourself a perfect contestant for a modern netbook.

Assuming this Lifebook were ever to make it on the market, I would guess the specs to be very limited. I say that because it seems Fujitsu focused on portability in this design rather than performance. I also cannot imagine someone buying such a small device to do intensive work. The bronze/copper finish makes the device look like it was built for older people who may be looking for a futuristic experience.

Maybe I am wrong here, but the Lifebook concept seems to attract a targeted audience, rather than the mass market of youth and professionals such as the Asus Eee. I’ve never typed on an LCD-keyboard for a prolonged period of time but can imagine that one’s fingers would get quite warm after significant typing. If I had to take another guess at why this concept was designed in such a way, I would have to say it was built for travelers looking for something to fit on their airline food tray. In any case, I’ve attached a photo of a normal looking Fujitsu UMPC for your viewing pleasure.

Photo Courtesy of UberGizmo
Photo Courtesy of Kam