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Logitech Security Cameras And iPad App

You’ve seen Logitech gear no doubt, Logitech makes many things, from keyboards, to computer mice, to speakers. Logitech also makes computer webcams, and the company has a line of home security cameras called the Logitech Alert. The security cameras have now been supplemented with the Logitech Alert iPad application. The new app is designed for you to see what is going on in your home or office via the Internet and an iPad.

If you’ve missed any important events in real-time it is possible to rewind using the Alert Web and Mobile Commander, two additional Logitech services. They system can stream 720p HD video with sound. What’s it gonna cost, you ask? Well, the application is free and users can watch live video at no charge. The video recording features, Alert Web and Mobile Commander will cost $79.99. The Logitech Alert cameras cost even more, priced around $230.

Despite the price, this may be the ideal investment to catch any kids (or adults) trying to cause mischief on your property. I am interested to see what Logitech branches out to next in terms of new gadgets. It would be cool to see them go a security route and invent mind blowing security cameras, perhaps, miniature cameras that cannot be spotted? Who knows with the pace technology takes these days! Check out the video below to learn more about the Logitech app.

Photo Courtesy of Uber Gizmo
Photo Courtesy of Jami3

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