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Windows 8 Runs Smooth On 1GHz ARM Processor

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showed Windows 8 running on an ARM architecture cpu at CES 2011. At this week’s Microsoft MIX Developer Conference in Las Vegas, the company showed a built of Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8 running on a 1GHz ARM processor. Compared to X86 processors from Intel or AMD, ARM processors give their devices about an hour or two more of battery life.

With Intel’s new atom processors, ARM will be facing some tough competition in the tablet market. However, if Windows 8 can run optimally on an ARM tablet PC, this may be the exact boost ARM needs to remain a key player in the computer industry. Windows 8 of course offers it’s one stop shop for the entire Microsoft Office Productivity suite as well as other enterprise tools, making a Windows tablet ideal for a business professional.

Although Android devices can use Open Office to achieve similar tasks, I am not sure how curious business professionals will be to compute on an Android device.
If Microsoft can add ARM support for the Direct X and sound libraries, for example, it would be a relatively trivial exercise for developers to recompile their executables for ARM-architecture Windows 8 computers. I would be very eager to learn about the success this duo may hold for the future of business computing. Check out the video to see the CEO of Nvidia talk more about this duo!

Photo Courtesy of Mastermaq
Photo Courtesy of Aperture_lag