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Comcast Offer 105Mbps Internet Speeds

In Internet speed terms, 5Mbps is a good connection, one should be able to play first person shooter videogames on it without any problems, movies and music download at a reasonable rate. A 10Mbps connection is really fast and will allow you to download gigabytes of data, say if you’re downloading a full featured game, over night. Being able to download 15GB of data in one night still impresses me. Comcast has announced today that they are delivering 105Mbps connections to over 40 million homes around the United States.

The service is called Extreme 105 and offers customers blazing fast 105Mbps speeds with impressive 10Mbps upload speeds. This incredible speed is available in major cities, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. Comcast plans on delivering this speed to new cities in the future. Comcast said they will be offering the Extreme 105 service to new and existing customers for an introductory rate of $105 for 12 months.

The deal is available when you buy a Triple Play bundle that comes with Internet, phone, and television service. A company spokesman mentioned that they will offer Extreme 105 individually for $199.95 a month and those who sign up will receive a rieless gateway for the home. With this speed, a music discography containing 300 songs will be able to download in a minute and a half. I cannot imagine what Internet speeds will be like in 20-30 years from now!

Photo Courtesy of CityYear
Photo Courtesy of Aubergene