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Japan’s Tech Sector Slams Brakes On Production

The recent Japanese earthquakes that have been slamming the country have caused some major issues with power usage. Sony is considering shutting down some of its facilities in Japan, due to the damaged nuclear and thermal power stations. The Japanese Government has asked manufacturers to conserve power whenever possible by lowering energy consumption.

The Japanese Government is very concerned about the state of the its power and the impact it is having on factory production. The Government knows that if the power shortages last longer than anticipated, drastic actions will have to be carefully examined. It is of no benefit to the country that we are entering summer either, with hotter weather comes more electricity usage.

BBC reports that Sony said they will move a couple of public holidays to the present and have workers take those holidays now rather than later. This of course will reduce the power needed to operate businesses in the short-term. Sony specifically said they would provide two weeks of holidays to alleviate the energy consumption during the present crisis. Toyota is following Sony’s footsteps and has halted work at most of their facilities. We certainly hope that Japan is able to recover and wish them all the best.

Photo Courtesy of John Karakatsanis
Photo Courtesy of Yum9Me