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Massive Botnet Taken Down After Ten Years Of Mayhem

After ten years, the U.S. has finally killed a botnet that has spread a continually evolving virus known as “Coreflood.” The botnet first became active in 2001 and has steadily infected computers finally reaching a number of 2 million computers worldwide, with the assistance of malware. Coreflood has stolen a total near 100 million dollars worldwide from both businesses and consumers. The botnet of course is a group of infected machines that “work together” to steal personal data from other users. The botnets can also be programmed to send malicious files, spam, and phishing e-mails to targeted computers. The creators of the botnet used Coreflood to steal information and conduct thousands of fraudulent banking and wire transfers. Some individuals lost as much as $240,000 in the scam.

Current intelligence tells us that the botnet is controlled by at least 13 individuals operating within Russia. Thankfully, authorities finally seized servers that were spreading the botnet, putting the ten year hunt to an end.

The final measure that took down Coreflood happened this month when agents reverse engineered “the virus and instructed the infected machines to stop sending stolen data and shut down.” Interestingly enough, this was the first time US authorities decided to reverse engineer a virus, and stating the obvious, it worked. Since the criminal masterminds behind Coreflood appear to be in Russia, there is not much the United States can do to persecute the criminals. Check out videos below to learn more about what Coreflood was like back in 2008.

Photo Courtesy of Wrote
Photo Courtesy of SpeedNutDave