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Nokia Shame On Thee: Symbian Till 2014

Nokia has unfortunately decided to roll with the antiquated Symbian OS for the next 3 years, and maybe even longer. A report released today from Australia IT, claimed that Nokia’s Australian managing director said that Nokia is bound by contract to support new devices for two years. Since the company has already decided to release new Symbian phones in 2011 and 2012, they will be stuck with the operating system until at least 2014 and perhaps even longer if they continue to release new Symbian phones in 2013.

Apparently Nokia has already invested so much money in Symbian, they are not turning back now. I see this as very tragic news, especially for Nokia’s future. While the company does push out nice devices with sweet hardware specs, loading the new phones with Symbian is like gorilla gluing a greasy bowling ball to a brand new smartphone. The operating system is not intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, or easy to use.

Although it was a hit in the early years, iOS and Android hit the markets and while those two continued to become better, Symbian only gained minor improvements. The company also plans to pair at least one of its devices with the MeeGo mobile OS that was developed with Intel. In any case, I wish Nokia the best of luck with the company’s success and I truly hope they can keep up with the other front runners in wireless.

Photo Courtesy of TheFemGeek
Photo Courtesy of Mackarus