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The Sharp 70-inch HDTV

You could find me comfortably saying that a 55″ TV is large. I think a 55″ TV is a nice size for any home. Watching movies or playing games on a television that size would be pure bliss. Sharp has outdone our impressions with the 55″ standard, by releasing a 70″ HDTV.

Sharp claims that this 70-inch screen has 62% more screen space than a 55-inch television, which I am still comfortable calling it the gold standard of television sizes. The model is called LC-70LE732U and is the largest LCD HDTV on the market. The gigantic piece of hardware features Quattron four color pixels, full LED backlighting, Netflix, CinemaNow, and Vudu Apps. Three more 70-inch models will be joining the pack this summer with 3D. Although this one doesn’t, I am not certain many people have jumped on the 3D bandwagon just yet.

The MSRP is $3,799 but you can get it for a thousand less if you shop online. I can’t imagine any manufacturer making a wall-bracket that would be strong enough to attach this mammoth to a wall, I mean, couldn’t one tear a hole in the wall? I think I’d feel more comfortable leaving this TV on a stand, or better yet, a bench. Take a look at the video to see these displayed at CES 2011.

Photo Courtesy of Technabob
Photo Courtesy of [email protected]