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HTC Releases App That Detects Invisible Networks

Have you ever tried to connect a mobile device to an “invisible” WiFi network in your home? For most devices, you can only select WiFi networks that broadcast a SSID (Service Set Identifier). This problem occurs amongst pretty much all platforms, and have most likely occurred many times with Windows Phone 7 users unable to access the web from their home paid service.

There is good news for you folks out there because HTC has released a fix called the Hidden Wi-Fi app. It’s a free application that can be found in the Windows Phone marketplace and allows you to select and save up to three invisible networks. This is a useful feature for the mobile professional who may need to use a few invisible networks over the course of a day.

After the user enters the wireless networks manually, he or she can instantly access the web and be able to automatically reconnect the next time the device is fired up. I think this is a very cool app for people who are perhaps less tech savvy and even those that are too lazy to find third party apps that do the dirty work for them. Please let us know in the comments section if you have already used this app and let us know how it is!

Photo Courtesy of Louis Volant
Photo Courtesy of ClintonJeff