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Hulu Plus Comes To Xbox360 This Spring

Do you enjoy streaming movies and programs through Netflix via your Xbox360? Are you tired of having to sit at your desktop computer to enjoy Hulu’s digital content? Almost immediately after Microsoft launched its Xbox360 update, adding Kinect support for the Netflix user interface, Electronista found image leaks of the new Hulu Plus UI. The images were posted by Joystiq and show Hulu Plus to have similar functionality to the current Netflix streaming service.

Once users point to the appropriate icon, they will be taken to a rotating menu that follows a familiar theme many have seen with Netflix on the Xbox Dashboard. With the new menus, users are able to navigate through their favorites shows via the unique video queue. Instead of using a typical controller to browse, players will be able to use hand movements as the Hulu Plus module recognizes hand gesture movements. It is even cooler to note that the system also supports voice commands when players seek control over the basic playback controls.

The Hulu Plus integration will be available nationwide for the Xbox360 before the start of summer. If you enjoy taking breaks from playing your favorite Xbox360 games, definitely check out the Hulu Plus application. You’ll be able to catch up on any of your favorite missed shows or even discover ones you haven’t yet had the time to check out.

Photo Courtesy of GeekTonic
Photo Courtesy of Yoshinari