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Samsung’s Replenish-LEAKED!

Electronista spotted Samsung’s Replenish for Sprint on one of their product pages that have since been pulled. Electronista claims that the webpage contained many early details about the phone. Firstly, the phone will be Sprint’s first eco-friendly smartphone and will follow similar pathways of other phones by using recyclable plastic materials and packaging.

The design is a simple, no-frills design made for the budget user. It will feature a 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen at 320 x 240 resolution and will be targeted to the youth audience. Customers will make good use of messages because it will feature a built-in QWERTY keyboard. Not many other details are made available except that the phone is likely to carry Android Froyo and have a camera without flash.

Samsung is expected to showcase the phone and provide more details on the new mobile device. The model will be available in two colors; blue and pink and will be sold around Earth Day. The pricing is expected to be near $50 with a contract. The phone looks like an excellent way to enjoy Android with a full QWERTY keyboard without breaking the bank. I think this device will be perfect for budget users who have been waiting to get their hands on a smartphone that is well within financial reach.

Photo Courtesy of MacNN
Photo Courtesy of NetzKobold