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Sony Hits The 50 Million Mark Of PS3 Consoles Sold

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that it has sold 50 million PlayStation 3 consoles, globally, as of March 29th. The company has also announced that sales of the PlayStation Move has surpassed 8 million units, globally. Sony claims the title of King with 75 million registered users and tens of thousands of games, music video and movie downloads made available with the PlayStation Store.

Even though Microsoft’s Xbox360 got an early head start in the gaming industry, the PlayStation 3 was the only console to feature a built-in Blu-ray player, making it a highly attractive buy for new customers. Unfortunately however, Sony’s high start price of $399 for the lowest model was a large deterrent to many consumers.

Although a consumer could order a model with an HDMI port, WiFi, a flash card reader, and four USB ports, one had to pay $599 for the 60GB version, a high price to pay for just a console. Since then the price has come down, the slim version of the PS3 was introduced, more titles were made exclusive for the entertainment giant, and Sony has enjoyed an enjoyable sales goal. Although the Xbox360 Kinect device has put an edge on Sony, I am confident that it has been long enough to where customers have found loyalty amongst the gaming brands. Take a look at some of the PS3 commercials below!

Photo Courtesy of Solider
Photo Courtesy of nic0