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Windows 7 Phone HTC Mazaa Photos Leaked

According to XDA Developers, an anonymous tipster has sent them photos of the new Windows 7 Smartphone, HTC Mazaa. The tipster claims the smartphone would be in Sprint’s stores within the next few months.

The device is similar to the HTC 7 Trophy which was said to be on Verizon Wireless but rumors suggest the HTC Mazaa would be on Sprint.

The HTC Mazaa WP7 has a 3.7 inch WVGA screen with the typical three Microsoft buttons, a camera in the back with LED flash and a speaker. The phone might even have GSM capabilities since there seems to be an IMEI number on the device.

There was no mention on whether the phone includes gyroscope capabilities but you could be looking at the first Windows Phone 7 world phone, so its likely to have it.

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Windows 7 Phone HTC Mazaa

Here is a video of the HTC 7 Trophy.