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Microsoft IE10 Preview Available For Download Today

Internet Explorer 9 was released only a few weeks ago so I am surprised to see that Internet Explorer 10 Preview is already available for download. This is unlike Microsoft, they were used to releasing browsers every two years, and now it seems that they are releasing a different version every month. Microsoft must be feeling the heat from Google so it decided to up the stakes in the game with an annual release schedule for updates to its browser.

As you may know, Microsoft hasn’t been the fastest at updating its browser software. There were 29-months between the releases of IE7 and IE8, and 24-months between the IE8 and IE9. The two year period worked in the past, but the faster release schedules for Firefox and Chrome means the rules of the game have changed. Good thing, because I hardly use IE – it is super slow and extremely buggy so it needed some quiker updates.

The commitment to the annual update strategy means that they unveiled the first preview of Microsoft IE10 last week during the MIX11 Web developers conference and its available for download today. The expected release date for the finished product is scheduled for early next year, with a beta version due out sometime in October.

Of course more releases doesn’t necessarily mean progress or innovation, but given that Microsoft is losing market share to its two biggest rivals is no wonder they are taking this approach. Hopefully they’ve listened to users as well as made the browser faster.

The IE10 Platform Preview can be downloaded now.

Photo Courtesy of Kreestal.
Photo Courtesy of Velaia.