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The App Store Modifies It’s Ranking System

Apple has modified it’s ranking system for how applications are judged, based on criteria such as number of downloads. Some of the most popular apps include Facebook, Skype, and Pandora. Facebook moved from the 13th spot to the first, Skype jumped from 33rd to 11th, and Pandora went from the 22nd slot to the top ten. These applications were previously steady in their rankings, which leads many to assume that Apple has changed their ranking system.

Analysts believe that Apple has adopted similar methods used for the Android Market, such as app store ratings and user engagement. This is beneficial to the app store as a whole because there are some applications that have been downloaded many times but simply aren’t that good. One of which is a controversial application called Tapjoy which is a pay-per-install system offering virtual goods in exchange for downloads.

This method of business obviously bolstered their ranking on the previous version of the App Store’s ranking system. With Apple’s in-depth ranking system, users should rest assured that they will be downloading an application that is fairly ranked, allowing them to truly get their money’s worth. Hopefully the company will not stop to improve it’s ranking system.

Photo Courtesy of M Janiec
Photo Courtesy of Ebatty