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Lenovo’s X220 Lasts Up To 23 Hours On A Single Charge

Have you ever wanted a laptop that last a few days on a single charge? If the answer is yes, we may just have something for you. Lenovo’s X220 is a 12.1″ laptop that runs on a 1366×768 resolution and weighs under three pounds. The laptop is full featured and contains an a/b/g/n WiFi with Bluetooth connectivity. The device runs on Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit and carries 4GB of memory. The chip is an Intel Core i5 running at 2.5GHz and storage is sufficient with a 320GB hard drive @ 7,200 RPM.

When adding a 6-cell battery slice for an additional $179, users will be able to enjoy an additional ten hours of battery life at the expense of a heavier laptop. This is not the most powerful laptop out there, but it is truly a solid option to business professionals looking to take their computing needs to the next level. The 15-23 hours of battery should be excellent for all those times where a power outlet is nowhere in sight.

Users can opt to choose any of three different battery sizes, ranging from 3-cell to 9-cell. The 6-cell provides about seven hours of battery life without any intense power management (i.e., turning WiFi and Bluetooth off, power saver mode, etc.) Users will be able to purchase this beautiful ThinkPad X220 through Lenovo tomorrow starting at $979. If there is one thing to compete on in modern day notebooks, I am glad that ‘battery life’ is one of them. Check the video below for an in-depth review of the X220.

Photo Courtesy of Dlaptop
Photo Courtesy of Isriya