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LG E700 Will Carry Windows Mango And Will Beat iOS

With the upcoming release of Windows new “Mango-flavored” operating system, consumers around the world can expect an improved web browser built on an IE9 engine, and the ability for true multitasking. According to a recent leak of an XML file, LG is currently working on a device called the E700, which shows the Windows Mango built-in browser. Not only does the browser give us a good clue that this is a Windows phone, but the model certainly has a “7” in it, probably representative of Windows Phone 7.

LG was also the first handset maker to release a Windows Mobile device and have said time and time again that they are committed to Microsoft. I am not sure where all this gung ho support comes from, especially with the massive flop of Windows Mobile, but it’s nice to see a buddy system in action in any industry!

To bring the levels of anticipation even higher amongst consumers, analysts are expecting big wins for the new Mango OS. Some believe it to beat iOS and remain a leading competitor against Android, although admittedly number two. I am not sure such bold claims should be made at such an early phase in Windows Phone 7 development, but why not wait and see? The three giants, Google, Apple, and Microsoft will be unveiling the latest editions of their respective mobile operating systems in just a few months. Check out the video below for a deeper look at Mango.

Photo Courtesy of Kthread
Photo Courtesy of DigitPedia