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Samsung Delivers Prize Winning SSD For MacBook Air

Samsung is a leading competitor against Apple, and has recently unleashed it’s Series 9 notebook to compete directly with the Macbook Air. Interestingly enough, Samsung has also supplied Apple with the company’s latest Solid-State Drive, giving the MacBook Air a solid speed boost over the original Toshiba SSD that was used for the ultra slim laptop. The new SSD by Samsung is called “blade”. According to Anandtech, the new Blade has read/write speeds of 260MB/210MB per second versus Toshiba’s read/write speeds of 210MB/185MB per second.

This increase in speed should be quite noticeable and offer Macbook Air users the desired burst of speed some may have noticed was lacking in the previous version. I do wonder if Samsung has a trick up its sleeve from a strategic standpoint. Why would a company supply better technology to it’s competitor unless they were truly confident in its current laptop series? Perhaps Samsung is planning to unleash even faster drives in the near future and this latest move was a tactic to maximize profits? Even if it is a little far fetched, it never hurts to speculate! Check out some of these commercials for an excuse to gawk at the MacBook Air!

Photo Courtesy of ConnorsMac
Photo Courtesy of Microsoft Sweden