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Samsung Vibrant/Galaxy S Get’s Much Needed Update

Owners of the Samsung Vibrant / Samsung Galaxy S get to enjoy a new update for their phones that fixes a number of bugs. The update is called KBS and contains updates for Gmail and Youtube as well. The DRM issue that users experienced (preventing some music from playing) has also been fixed. The update is exclusively for T-Mobile customers and is a wonderful finishing touch to the Galaxy S.

Users will enjoy a better email client, improved security, and a smoother LCD framework. There are additional software changes to multimedia messaging, and a better image gallery. In order to install the update, users will have to use Kies Mini on the PC, as they will not be able to download the update through the air.

Samsung also advises that users backup all images, music, and any data because the update is sure to wipe out all of your information. Once you run the update, everything is automatic, and consumers will get a taste of Android 2.2, Froyo. Samsung also offers a tip for users to make certain their battery is completely charged to ensure that the update does not get interrupted from a spontaneous shutdown, as this could permanently damage the phone. Take a look at the video below to see the update in progress!

Photo Courtesy of Louis Volant
Photo Courtesy of Kris V