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Top Secret Military Information Exposed Via Internet Mishap

An “Internet error” is responsible for exposing military secrets to the public. The mishap occurred from an improperly censored military document being leaked onto a Parliament website. The document contained information about UK’s nuclear submarines, which is obviously classified information you would not want to be released.

The BBC reports that although portions of the top secret document were blacked-out for security purposes, any user could simply copy and paste the document into a word program to view the blacked out words. The file was meant to only inform the public that some submarines’ experienced downtime with their nuclear reactors and such reactors could cause a meltdown. Unfortunately, the leaked information also revealed in-depth details about the possibility of an on-board nuclear disaster and how prepared the fleet would be able to cope in those circumstances.

Additional censorship included ways that American subs deal with on-board disasters and a claim that American submarines are twice as safe as British subs in specific areas. The Ministry of Defense took all responsibility for the data breach and called it a “schoolboy error”, which I find to be an amusing term given the seriousness of the situation. Hopefully, something was to be learned from this mishap so another data leak (perhaps more pressing) won’t be released to the public.

Photo Courtesy of Albowieb
Photo Courtesy of UK Parliament