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Angry Birds Magic Adopts NFC Technology

If there weren’t enough versions of Angry Birds yet, brace yourself, Angry Birds Magic is coming soon! Angry Birds’ makers, Rovio are teaming up with Nokia to bring NFC (near-field communications) technology to Angry Birds. Don’t get too excited just yet, this won’t be a multi-player version of Angry Birds. Users will instead tap their Nokia phones with one another to unlock new levels in their Angry Birds games, and I assume will attempt to clear each level while the two friends will have some level of “bonding”, if you can call it that!

So what’s required to use Angry Birds Magic? You’ll need a Nokia phone, the latest Symbian software, Anna, and a friend who also has a Nokia phone, which may be the hardest part in the process! NFC technology has been all the hype with users being able to pay for items much like a credit card, simply by tapping the phone to a receiver. Ironically, the Nokia C7 (pictured) doesn’t have the proper equipment to secure mobile payments, but hey, at least you can play Angry Birds Magic, right?

Users will be able to enjoy the first five levels “on the house” while they search across town for Nokia users. Amusingly, I can picture strangers gawking at others’ phones to see if they carry the latest Nokia and going “Hey, do you play Angry Birds?” Users who are lucky enough to connect with a friend, will then enjoy five additional levels before the next meetup. Additionally, levels will be unlocked in NFC tags in “hidden unknown objects.” If this sounds something worthwhile or a lame gimmick, let us know in the comments section! Here’s a short video of what the game will look like.

Photo Courtesy of Gurney
Photo Courtesy of John Karakatsanis
Photo Courtesy of Rovio