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Datalocker 3 Offers Full Hard Drive Encryption; 320GB, 640GB, 1TB

Origin Storage has just rolled out the new Datalocker 3, an external hard disk that provides data encryption capability for the entire hard drive. The Datalocker 3 features USB 3.0 support, RFID for dual factor authentication and a backlit LCD on the drive, all features that weren’t present on the previous Datalocker 2.

Some customers have reported problems with the Datalocker 2, such as problems viewing the keypad whilst typing in their encryption access key in lowlit areas. Fortunately, this was remedied with Datalocker 3 and for good reason too! Datalocker 3 also supports a 31 digit access code in alphanumeric format and customers certainly don’t want to make mistakes that could lock them out of their drives.

The only negative with Datalocker 3 is that it is not currently FIP 140-2 approved, but is expected to receive support for the feature by the end of 2011. FIP 140-2 stands for the Federal Information Processing Standard and is a U.S. government computer security standard that is used to accredit cryptographic modules. Users who need FIP 140-2 are still welcome to purchase Datalocker 2 until support is given. Datalocker 3 comes in three sizes; 320GB, 640GB, and 1TB, but we have yet to hear anything on pricing. Let us know in the comments section if these drives catch your interest! Take a peak at the video to see the previous version of the Datalocker.