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Frustrated With Java? Try Ceylon

It appears that Java may have some healthy competition, a language called Ceylon is on the move. Ceylon was designed to fix the problems of Java but still run on the Java Virtual Machine. Although a third party has referred to Ceylon as a “Java killer,” analysts believe that Ceylon is more likely to join a list of languages that make of the JVM. Java will most likely remain to be the core component of enterprise computing, but with Ceylon, JRuby, Scala, and Jython, offer a new choice for developers.

Currently Java and Microsoft’s .Net remain as the most popular development platforms for businesses. If Ceylon were to “go big,” it would have to compete with the top dogs in the industry of scripting. Gavin King (brown leather jacket in the picture), a software engineer has developed much of what has become Ceylon and claimed that the language is intended to take the successes of Java while correcting its supposed failures.

King describes that the main goals of his language would be to:
1. Run on Java Virtual Machine
2. Feature Static typing
3. Have automatic memory management
4. Contain built-in modularity
5. Be easy to learn

The birth of Ceylon came about from experiencing the frustrations with Java, as it was often spoken as being joined at the hip to XML, hurting developers. King said that SDK lacks modernization, is bloated, and makes basic tasks difficult to accomplish. King wanted to be understood that he supports Java, and had no intentions of designing a “Java killer” and doesn’t think Java is going anytime in the near future. A Ceylon compiler will be due later this year, and for all you developers out there, let us know what you think of the new language.

Photo Courtesy of Yuichi Sakuraba
Photo Courtesy of TalkingTree