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Groupon Buys Pelago, Gaining Firm Grasp on “Social”

Groupon, the popular “deals” website has recently acquired the creators of Whrrl, a company called Pelago. Pelago was founded in 2006 in Seattle and is best known for its location based services app for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. The app is called Whrrl and works like Foursquare, aiming to get people to explore their neighborhood and recommend their favorite places to friends and family. Groupon was founded just two years ago in Chicago and has since then expanded to more than 40 countries around the world, carrying a powerful user base of over 35 million.

According to DigitalTrends,Groupon CEO Andrew Mason wrote in a blog post on Monday: “We’ve always liked CEO Jeff Holden, the Whrrl team and the technology they’ve developed. Their obsession with real-world serendipitous discovery, or “Anti-Search,” is core to Groupon’s mission. It’s about discovering what you didn’t know you didn’t know, right in your own backyard…Jeff intimately gets consumer buying behavior and the importance of a great user experience, and his team is this awesome combination of data-driven creatives…the people who create smart products that are really fun to use.”

With this new acquisition, Whrrl will be demolished by the end of this month, which may come as sad news to employees but is the name of the game of any recession. Although we are not told how much the acquisition was for, the company turned down a $6 billion dollar offer from Google last month and was said to be worth $15-25 billion dollars. Put two and two together and you have yourself an estimate! Take a look at the videos below to see how Groupon works and how it can help a business to succeed!

Photo Courtesy of Wovox
Photo Courtesy of CamKnows