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Thinking Fuel Efficiency? How does 2,500 MPG sound?

The Eco-marathon is a race where the winning vehicle has the best rated “miles per gallon.” The goal is to complete ten laps around a Houston park at an average speed of 15MPH while consuming the least amount of energy possible. Last year’s winners included students from Laval University in Quebec, and achieved 2,487.5 miles per gallon.

For the third year in a row, students at the same university have won the competition again, building a three-wheeler that gets an astounding 2,564.8 MPG. The car is tiny and obviously isn’t comfortable, but it averages 15MPG as the required limit and definitely earns top place in fuel efficiency. The team from Laval beat the team in second place by 766.1 MPG. The team manager, Anthony Bernier said “We put a lot of time and hard work into our vehicle and are very proud of how we did.”

Obviously it would not be practical to have these cars on the road as they only go an average of 15 MPG, but it would be terrific if we could extract some of the best ideas from that vehicle and place them into most of our modern cars. Although we have a few hybrids out there that get a lot of MPG, such as the Toyota Prius’ 50MPG rating and the Honda Civic Hybrid, we simply do not have enough hybrids on the road yet. We need a full conversion sooner or later if we want to save this planet from our own destruction. Take a look at these videos for a deeper look at the 2011 Shell Eco-marathon, including the prize winner!

Photo Courtesy of Wired
Photo Courtesy of Wired